Australian Capers

There are 19 known Australian Capparis species. They have very attractive flowers in which artists and photographers have delighted. Some have edible fruits, some possess medicinal properties and others have potential for the horticulture industry. They range from low shrubs to climbers to small trees. Some are very rare, and a few are endangered. Most of these species grow in the tropical north of Australia, and a few thrive in the drier parts of Australia.

Capparis mitchellii
Capparis nummularia. Olive Pink Garden Alice Springs NT.
Flowers of Capparis arborea

Here is a list of these Australian caper species.

  • Capparis arborea
  • Capparis batianofii
  • Capparis canescens
  • Capparis humistrata
  • Capparis jacobsii
  • Capparis lanceolaris
  • Capparis lasiantha
  • Capparis loranthifolia (2 varieties)
    • Capparis loranthifolia var. bancroftii
    • Capparis loranthifolia var. loranthifolia
  • Capparis lucida
  • Capparis mitchellii
  • Capparis nummularia
  • Capparis ornans
  • Capparis quiniflora
  • Capparis sarmentosa
  • Capparis sepiaria
  • Capparis shanesiana
  • Capparis thozetiana
  • Capparis umbonata
  • Capparis velutina

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