Buy Caper Plants Online (Australia only). Grow your own thornless, high yield Caper Bush the Eureka Caper. Caperplants are the first to clone Caper Plants ensuring consistent properties of the bush from plant to plant. Also available is our book, Capers: From Wild Harvest to Gourmet Food. Available in hard copy and E book formats.

The caper plants are delivered in a tall pot, 180mm high and 90mm square at the top.


At this stage we will be propagating on order. So please contact us and we can discuss price, date of delivery and quarantine requirements.

Caper farm at Kovilpatti Tamil Nadu India


We are based in Australia, and at this stage we are unable to send individual plants to the USA, the EU, and other countries, due to high costs and quarantine regulations. However we can now produce Eureka Caper plants in large numbers with tissue culture and we are keen to export these seedlings. Commercial farmers welcome and trial plantings are encouraged to witness how good the thornless Eureka variety really is.

Photo of ‘Eureka’ caper plant seedlings ready for export

'Eureka' caper plant seedlings ready for export.