Capparis spinosa rupestris ‘Eureka’

(Syn Capparis orientalis ‘Eureka’)

We are able to propagate (clone) this variety after many years of research and experimentation. Growing caper plants from seed is unreliable as there is great variation in the results in terms of productive plants, and it takes many years to wait and to discover if you have a good plant or not. We don’t grow grapes, citrus or most fruit trees from seed for the same reason.

We have registered this variety ‘Eureka’, with IP Australia under the Plant Breeder’s Rights (PBR) legislation.

The ‘Eureka’ Caper plant is superior for the following reasons..

  • it is a thornless bush
  • it produces more capers in weight each time it is harvested
  • it begins to shoot and grow earlier in the spring than other bushes
  • it continues to flower and leaves stay green longer into the autumn and winter
  • It truly is a special caper plant.
‘Eureka’ Caper plant early summer
Eureka Caper

The Amazing Eureka Caper Plant can be purchased online. For Bulk orders please contact us today!